eHosting Portal

"eHosting.Space" uses "eHosting Portal", a propietary "open source" website portal application developed as an ASP.NET v4.0 MVC application. eHosting Portal can be installed as the main website portal, as an application or as a subdomain application.

  • Basic website portal with added features.
  • User registration (registration form) w/reCaptcha protection.
  • User authentication (login form) w/reCaptcha protection.
  • Pasword recovery (recovery form) w/reCaptcha protection.
  • Blind IP guardian system. Blocks Hacker IPs, Nets. Regions, Countries.
  • Blind Firewall System. Detects and blocks brutal force attacks.
  • Blocks blind/invisible visitors. Usually hackers, bots, idiots.
  • Microsoft Windows Server or Workstation/Professional Edition.
  • Microsoft IIS Server 6.0 or newer.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newwer.
  • Microsoft DNS Server. (Optional)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio v.2010 or newer. (Optional)
  • MailEnable SMTP/POP/IMAP Server - Any Edition. (Optional)
  • Download the Website version of eHosting Portal from the download link below.
  • Extract the downloaded Zip file, and copy it's contents to the wwwroot folder of your web server. It should look like "c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ehosting" or whatever you decide.
  • Edit the supplied "web.config" file with your own SQL Server settings.
  • Using your IIS console, create a new Website or define a new Web server application for this portal.
  • Lunch the application from your Internet browser (Ex: http://localhost/ehosting )
  • That's all folks! You should see the eHosing Portal. Edit it as you wish!

eHosting Portal - Websitev.1.4.0Download
eHosting Portal - Source Codev.1.4.0Download