Prepare files for printing, printing and pagination filter for text files.
When multiple input files are specified, each is read, formatted, and written to standard output.

pr [options] [file …]


–pages=[beg_pag[:end-pag] Begin printing on page beg_pag and end on end-pag if specified.

Print in num_cols number of columns, balancing the number of lines
in the columns on each page.

Print columns horizontally, not vertically.

Convert control characters to hat notation (such as ^C) and other unprintable characters to octal backslash format.
Double space.

-e[tab-char[width]] –expand-tabs=[tab-char[width]] Convert tabs (or tab-chars) to spaces.
If width is specified, convert tabs to width characters (default is 8).

Separate pages with form feeds, not newlines.

-h header
Use header for the header instead of the filename.

-i[out-tab-char[out-tab-width]] –output-tabs[=out-tab-char[out-tab-width]] Replace spaces with tabs on output. Can specify alternative tab character (default is tab) and width (default is 8).

Merge full lines; ignore -W if set.

-l lines
Set page length to lines (default 66). If lines is less than 10, omit headers and footers.

Print all files, one file per column.

-n[delimiter[digits]] –number-lines[=delimiter[digits]] Number columns, or, with the -m option, number lines.
Append delimiter to each number (default is a tab) and limit
the size of numbers to digits (default is 5).

-o width
Set left margin to width.

Continue silently when unable to open an input file.

-s[delimiter] –separator[=delimiter] Separate columns with delimiter (default is a tab) instead of spaces.

-S[string] –sep-string[=string] Separate columns with string. Default is a tab with -J and a space otherwise.

Suppress headers, footers, and fills at end of pages.

Like -t but also suppress form feeds.

Convert unprintable characters to octal backslash format.

-w page_width
Set the page width to page_width characters for multi-column output.
Default is 72.

-W page_width
Set the page width to always be page_width characters.
Default is 72.

A pathname of a file to be printed.
If no file operands are specified, or if a file operand is &qt;-&qt;&qt;,
the standard input is used.

Print a help message and then exit.

Print version information and then exit.