Online ACCountting System (ACC)


Online ACCountting System (ACC) Online ACCounting System is a Web based accounting tool for small, medium and large businesses. It allows you to create and maintain a double entry accounting system for any type of business.
This information system works on the Web and allows you to:

  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of Companies wishing to keep accounting records.
  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of Products/Services
  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of Customers/Clients
  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of Sales Records for Billing/Invoicing
  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of Payments Received for recorded sales/invoices

This system generate reports for all databases, allowing you to create, delete, update, print, activate/deactivate records at your convenience. Special care has been taken for printing and viewing invoices (payables and receivables).
Technical Support is available:

  • Access an internal messaging system for immediate technical support.
  • Accessour knowledge base to obtain online help on the topics you need the most.
  • User your own financial gateway to receive payments via PayPay or any other financial gateway.

We only charge $250 USD for the initial setup. And you can access our DEMO version prior deciding to use this service. After setting up your work area, you will have access to your accounting system for the first 30 days at no charge whatsoever.
If you think we need to fix or accommodate our information system to some specific needs, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will try to make our systems work according to your specific needs. Just write your comments or suggestions to: